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We are dedicated to helping businesses around the world regain control of their online reputation and protect their brand image.

What We Do 

Digital Content Removal

We’ve developed proprietary techniques to permanently remove harmful content from search engines, social media platforms, and other online sites.

We know that removing online content can be challenging due to the sheer volume of information available online, legal complexities, lack of control, technical limitations, and concerns over freedom of speech.

Our team has the experience and expertise to navigate these challenges and successfully remove negative content.

That is why we offer guaranteed removals on specific sites and platforms, removing search results from most search engines.

Some of the sites from which we can guarantee deletions include:

Why is it so Difficult to Remove Content Online?

Several factors make it challenging to remove content online:

Sheer volume of content: With billions of websites and online platforms, it can be difficult to keep track of everything being posted online.

Legal complexities: Different countries have different laws and regulations governing online content, making it challenging to determine whether certain content should be removed or not, especially when it comes to controversial topics.

Lack of control: Once content is published online, it can be easily shared, reposted, and downloaded, making it difficult to control the spread of content once it’s released into the public domain.

Technical limitations: Some online platforms have technical limitations that make it difficult to remove content. For example, a platform may not have the capability to search and delete specific content or may not have the resources to manually review all reported content.

Freedom of speech concerns: There is a delicate balance between protecting freedom of speech and removing harmful content. Platforms may be hesitant to remove content that could be considered controversial or offensive for fear of violating free speech protections.

Create a Positive Image for your Brand

We understand the damaging effects negative reviews and website content can have on a business, impacting more than just their bottom line.

With our services and tools, we help businesses improve their online reputation, which ultimately helps drive more sales and build trust with customers.

If you’re a business owner or company struggling with negative online content, let us help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you remove negative content online, better manage negative reviews, and generate more positive reviews.

Protect your brand and improve your online reputation!

Sales Impact

Negative reviews can have a significant impact on your sales. In fact, studies have shown that a single negative review can lead to a loss of up to 22% of potential customers.

This is especially true in today’s digital age, where customers often heavily rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Employees Reviews

The impact of negative content online goes beyond just lost sales. It can also affect your ability to attract and retain top talent.

A negative online reputation can turn away potential employees who are hesitant to work for a company with a negative online image.

It can lead to high turnover rates as current employees may feel discouraged or ashamed to work for a company with a negative reputation.

Solutions That Work!


What gives us the edge over our competition?

Our custom-built reputation management tools give you the insights and data you need to watch your reputation improve.


Built in-house to help you track and monitor your reputation. Our custom software allows you to see how your negative and positive content ranks over time. RepuSure comes free with service packages. Speak to a representative for more information.

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ReviewsCaster, designed to help businesses manage negative reviews and generate more positive ones.

While removing reviews is extremely difficult, we have great success utilizing our ReviewsCaster platform to help businesses manage negative reviews and generate more positive reviews. Find out more about our ReviewCaster here.

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Our team of experts can develop suppression and search engine optimization strategies to combat any negative content that cannot be removed. Our approach attacks your negative content from different angles, utilizing multiple techniques to improve your reputation. Our ReviewsCaster software helps generate more positive reviews, a great tool in suppression of negative content.

Reviews & Testimonials

“A huge thank you! We have operated for more than six years and it never occurred to us to use a reputation management service. This was a huge mistake. I wish i had hired these guys from the outset. We have used Reputation.ca for the last 9 months and they have been amazing in helping us build our online image. We get customers talking about how they Googled us and chose us based on that all the time. ”

- Montreal Manufacturing Executive

“All I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised by what a great team and ethic your company has. I mean that in the best way. A lot of people would have not changed tack. I really appreciate it. I wish I could hire people so dedicated at my own company. I think I can improve my positioning for future contracts and career progression using your services.”

- Medium Sized B2B Business Owner

“I want to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in my campaign. I’m extremely happy with all the work you have done and I will recommend your company and services to anyone who needs it. ”

- Toronto Businesswoman

“I have been haunted by negative articles from a major news publication for years. I must compliment the team at Reputation.ca on their efficiency! They are a pleasure to work with. My first page is finally looking good! They must be doing some very good SEO. ”

- Thornhill Business Owner

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My reputation has been damaged by negative online content. Can you remove it?
We are here to help. Our guaranteed removal services can turn your tarnished reputation from negative to neutral. We are experts at improving our client’s online reputation; we work diligently with both individuals and businesses to permanently delete negative online content.
Can you remove a post about me on an attack website?
Yes. We have developed proprietary techniques for having negative content permanently deleted from a number of websites including TheDirty.com, ComplaintsBoard.com, BadBoyReport.kr, Cheaterville, Reportmyex, BadBizReport and many more.
Why are guaranteed link removal services so important?
Simply put, negative content can damage your online reputation. Imagine spending years building up your resume, reputation and image, then having it smeared unfairly in an attack posted across the internet.
Can I uncover the name of the author of a post?
In a word. Yes. Is it easy? No. Even if you work through the proper channels to get a post removed from an attack website, you may never identify the author who made the original post.
I want to know immediately if and when something negative about me appears online. What do I do?
The best strategy to avoid having a negative online reputation is to be proactive and closely monitor your presence on the web. A comprehensive Reputation Monitoring service, like that provided by Reputation.ca, means you will know before any of your colleagues, friends or family if something negative or untrue about you appears online.

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