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Anon-IB Post Removal

What is Anon-IB?

Anon-IB calls itself “Anonymous Image Board Hosting” but is actually a platform for sharing revenge porn. Plain and simple. More specifically, it’s a site where average people (almost entirely men) can post damaging, embarrassing content about others, usually ex-lovers. The content is usually of a sexual nature consisting of naked pictures, videos and anecdotes. It is a form of revenge porn. Revenge porn is the posting of sexually explicit images or videos without the subject’s consent. It is 100% illegal under new Canadian laws.

The anonymous posters of Anon-IB post what they describe as “wins.” They consider the photos to be trophies of their sexual conquests. A place where morally questionable users cheer each other on and trade naked photos of women and sometimes underage girls.

For the most part, the Internet is an incredibly enriching and powerful space connecting people around the world. Unfortunately, there are some areas of the Internet that are less-than-positive, if not downright seedy – one of those being Anon-IB.

Anon-IB is not just an embarrassment – it’s a serious threat to your privacy and reputation.

At Reputation.ca, we understand that having private sexually explicit images posted on Anon-IB is a major concern. We understand that sharing these photos or videos on a public forum is an exposure of your private life and your right to private relationships. This is a blatant betrayal of the trust you had with another person. The photos or videos were intended for one person, not for the global community of Internet users.

We know that this type of exposure can damage a person’s professional and personal life. The content posted online can be seen by your friends, coworkers and family. We take this type of illegal activity and your right to privacy very seriously.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get content removed from Anon-IB. Due to the site’s deliberately anonymous design, it operates beyond the reach of most levels of law enforcement. Also it is easy for the site owners to claim they are not the ones posting the content but just a passive conduit and the real culprits are the users. They can claim there is no way of the site knowing if the content they have posted is done so with consent or not. Even if they do know, they turn a blind eye allowing anonymous posters to post their content free and clear on their site.

Collector Culture

Collector culture is an emerging trend in the revenge porn “industry,” and its increasing pace is alarming. Collector culture refers to the collecting, collating, and trading intimate images of women. Unlike traditional revenge porn, which is often distributed to more public platforms with the intent of humiliating the subject, this form of image abuse is more transactional. In many cases, it is usually intended for the victim to not be aware of the images so no attempts can be made to take action.

The Law

In many cases of revenge porn, the crime occurs when relationships break down and one person has malicious intention to embarrass the other by sharing intimate images on public porn sites, with friends, family, employees, etc. This crime is also referred to as “non-consensual pornography”, and can also include the secret recording of or images taken of the victim, or those stolen from their personal computer or phone.

Revenge porn has increased in Canada, with reports of offenses up 58 per cent in the first nine months of 2021, compared to the nine-month period prior to April 2020. This includes a 94 per cent increase in youth reports, and a 44 per cent increase in adult reports. This also includes images of underage teens.

However, in the case of Anon.IB, the site is hosted in an uncooperative country, where it’s unlikely the source of the images will ever be discovered. While Canada has worked over the years to improve laws regarding revenge porn, little can be done in the case of images shared to private boards such as this.

Although the site was removed for a period of two years, it is now back, alive and well, with tens of thousands of elicit images shared across the globe.

Personal Impact

Beyond just causing damage to reputation, the impacts of revenge porn can cause very personal ramifications for the victim. The distress you experience can be deeply emotional, including anger, guilt, paranoia, depression, etc. These long-term consequences can leave you feeling isolated and alone, but we have the solution.

This is where Reputation.ca comes into play.

Reputation.ca offers an innovative solution to the problem and we are able to guarantee that your images will be removed. Our team handles your individual case with care and understanding, with full intention of managing and maintaining your personal integrity. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that no one will be able to consume your sensitive images in the future and restore your reputation. 

Reputation.ca Removes Embarrassing Content from Anon-IB. Period.

With a method supported by over 50 years of reputation management experience and, more importantly, a method that’s worked for the vast majority of the removal cases we accept, Reputation.ca boasts the strongest remedy against Anon-IB in the industry.

We are now able to GUARANTEE our removal services. We guarantee that the photo and your name will be completely removed from the site. If the post about you on Anon-IB is not completely gone from Google and Bing within two weeks, we will refund 100% of your money.

If you’ve found yourself victimized by embarrassing content on Anon-IB, please complete the form below and our friendly representatives will start on your removal project immediately.

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