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What Do Investors Find When They Search Your Company Online?

The truth is what investors read about your company online matters. If you’re unable to control your company’s online messaging, the effects can be immediate and severe.

The Facts

59% of investors, nearly six out of ten, prefer using the internet to research investment opportunities and information. Further, 66% of younger investors, those under 45, prefer using the internet to research investment opportunities and information

The Kicker

The majority of investors research online to gather investment news and developments, and those investors with household income of at least $75,000 and assets of $100,000 or more prefer to research financial information online.

What Matters

  • Spreading awareness of your company to specific investor channels
  • Controlling your company’s messaging while promoting positive developments
  • Pushing positive information about your company to top Google search results

What It Means For Your Company

If potential investors find negative information about your company when they research you on Google, they will be less likely to invest in your company and your stock price will suffer.

Why You Need Reputation.ca

Under our Investor Relation Services Plan, our team will provide:

  • Expert knowledge and a complete track record of working with public companies
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Custom reporting software
  • Service oriented attention

We improve and control messaging to your investors through strategic channels that include:

Landing Page Creation and Promotion

We are experts in creating investor landing pages that achieve RESULTS and create real lead generation

Strategic Social Media Advertising

Our teams are experienced in creating and project managing social media advertising campaigns and targeting campaigns to specific investor group

Earned Media

Our relationships with major media publications can spotlight your company’s positive news and developments

Content Publication

Our partnership with leading online publications means we can communicate your company and messaging to target investor audiences

Target Keyword Analysis

Your competitors are working hard to rank their company for industry keywords. Let our experts do the same for you

Reviews & Testimonials

“A huge thank you! We have operated for more than six years and it never occurred to us to use a reputation management service. This was a huge mistake. I wish i had hired these guys from the outset. We have used Reputation.ca for the last 9 months and they have been amazing in helping us build our online image. We get customers talking about how they Googled us and chose us based on that all the time. ”

- Montreal Manufacturing Executive

“All I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised by what a great team and ethic your company has. I mean that in the best way. A lot of people would have not changed tack. I really appreciate it. I wish I could hire people so dedicated at my own company. I think I can improve my positioning for future contracts and career progression using your services.”

- Medium Sized B2B Business Owner

“I want to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in my campaign. I’m extremely happy with all the work you have done and I will recommend your company and services to anyone who needs it. ”

- Toronto Businesswoman

“I have been haunted by negative articles from a major news publication for years. I must compliment the team at Reputation.ca on their efficiency! They are a pleasure to work with. My first page is finally looking good! They must be doing some very good SEO. ”

- Thornhill Business Owner

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