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Reputation.ca’s Guaranteed Public Relations Service

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To be featured on the pages of a prominent publication is a high-impact way to burnish your reputation and gain a new level of respect among peers and the public.

But achieving such a publicity breakthrough is easier said than done.

You need a partner — a company led by talented industry professionals who know what types of profiles, interviews, opinion pieces and informational articles each publication is likely to print.

Your Story Through Your Lens

Imagine if seeing your name in print could be positively guaranteed: Guaranteed to be published — and guaranteed to be a positive reflection of who you are: Your achievements. Your goals. Your place in your industry. The essence of who you are, portrayed the way it would appear if you could write it yourself.

You can reach this new level of personal and professional reputation. And yes, you can write it yourself. More precisely, we will write it for you, based on your unique story and the way you want to tell it.

A Clear Path to Publication

This is what we have done for hundreds of influential Canadians and Americans over the past dozen years. For a fee, we prepare content that will appear in print, online, or across a range of platforms — eloquent and articulate pieces that will shine a light on your accomplishments and elevate your prominence.

To achieve this, you won’t have to deal with journalistic gatekeepers. You are the gatekeeper. You control what is said and how it’s said in each article we create for you.

You have complete editorial control of the final product. You, your friends, colleagues and business associates will see your narrative unfold in top-tier publications such as NOW Toronto, The Star, and Toronto Sun.

Advanced SEO Strategies Guarantee Visibility

Beyond that, we optimize the content to maximize results.

When it comes to achieving peak visibility, the old rules don’t always apply in today’s online information universe. Without keywords, search engine optimization (SEO), and other fundamental online strategies, your story won’t be noticed by Google; and in turn, it won’t be read.

Our advanced SEO techniques guide each well-crafted article to its target, broadening your visibility, amplifying your message and achieving the ultimate goal: enhancing your reputation.

A Sampling From Our Rolodex

Here are a few of the high-traffic publications and websites that will be available to feature your compelling story:
Forbes Council is a thought-leadership platform that presents blogs from successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. Content will be presented as if on behalf of the thought leader.
Now Toronto is a GTA-based publication that features news content on a myriad of topics ranging from real estate, culture, and Toronto-based business. Posts will include a “sponsored by” tag included in the article.
Retail Insider is a Toronto-based publication that features content surrounding the retail, e-commerce, and real estate industries. The team at Reputation.ca will connect with the client to discuss the potential angle we could put forth for the publication.
Tech TO is a publication that focuses on tech and startup companies and events. Its primary focus is expanding the reader’s knowledge and network of Canada’s technology community.
Alley Watch is a New York-based publication that focuses on technology, startups, and entrepreneurial efforts that target a global readership of highly educated people.

Toronto Sun is a print and online newspaper offering local and international news related to politics, finance, business, sports and health. Often seen as a ‘working man’s paper’, the publication has existed since 1971 and is a major force in Canadian politics. Your articles will appear alongside topical, newsmaking headlines.

The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily newspaper with sections dedicated to the GTA, but also features articles from around the world. The article will have a “sponsored” tag above the title.
Entrepreneur.com is a hub for professionals looking to make connections and educate other entrepreneurs. Readers of the publication regularly come looking for resources to build, manage, and expand their businesses.
How is the pricing for guaranteed published content determined?
Cost is based on the type of content created, the length of the particular piece, the amount of research involved, if any, and where a particular publication or website ranks on the hierarchy of popularity and prestige.
Is there a possibility that the content won’t be published?
None. After payment for our service, we guarantee that your content will be published.
Do you write content about specific products or services?
We can tailor the content to you or to your business, including products and services.
What is the process of creating the content?
Reputation.ca’s specialized team works with each client to choose a topic, angle and narrative, and to identify the type of publication that will dovetail perfectly with your preferences and goals. We write the content, and will continue to reshape and revise it until you are completely satisfied that it is ready for publication. Your approval is the end of the editorial process — and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your personal and professional life.
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