Online Reputation Management Pricing

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Reputation Management Cost Examples

Situation Category Cost Timeline Expected Outcome Terms
Post about you on TheDirty.com Guaranteed Removal $2,999 CAD 2 weeks post about you will be gone from Google and website 100% guaranteed removed or your money back
1-3 negative mainstream media news stories Suppression $5,000-$10,000 CAD total 2-4 months first page of Google/Bing will be cleared for your search term best practices will be followed and work will be done, minimum term may apply
4-6 negative mainstream media news stories Suppression $12,500-20,000 CAD total 5-8 months first page of Google/Bing will be mostly cleared for your search term best practices will be followed and work will be done, minimum term may apply
Bad reviews on sites like Google Reviews Management $299 - 999 CAD per month ongoing you will achieve a good rating on these sites 6 month minimum engagement
Maintain a good online reputation Maintenance $500-1,000 CAD per month ongoing your current good reputation will be maintained and imporved month to month
Social media presence needs to be managed Social Media Management $500 per month ongoing your accounts will be used and managed with safe quality content 12 month minimum engagement
Single negative post on random site Removal Investigation $2,000 one time 1-2 months we will exhaust all industry best practices to remove the post no guarantee
Want to know if negative content is created Reputation Monitoring $200 per month ongoing you will be aware if your name or brand is posted about on the web or social media 6 month minimum engagement
Want a personal Wikipedia page Wikipedia Editing $2,000 one time 1-2 months assuming you qualify, a wikipedia page will be created for you best practices will be followed and work will be done

Services Offered

Online Reputation Crisis Management

We generally offer monthly pricing for our services. These packages include an initial flurry of work to clean up and protect your reputation. Then a year of reputation monitoring and gradual reinforcement of your online reputation.

References are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

This service is what you need if you have a negative search engine reputation and it is causing harm to your life and business. We will attack the problem as quickly and effectively as we can using the full resources of the company.

Push Down Negative Results
  • Suppress defamatory posts on Cheaterville.com, TheDirty.com, Stockhouse.com, OffshoreAlert.com, InvestorVoice.ca, RGM.com, StockWatch.com and other extortion websites.
  • Remove forum, message board and other online rants about you from search listings.
  • Remove negative posts about you from social networks.
  • Prevent certain information from appearing in search engines when your name is searched.
Push Up Positive Results
  • Thoroughly interview you to understand your desired profile.
  • Research and document your search engine profile.
  • Develop and execute a strategy to improve your personal image online.
  • Author an ongoing barrage of positive content about you.
  • Distribute and SEO positive content, articles, and social profiles about you and your career accomplishments.
Estimated pricing - $3000 up front $2500 per month*
*most campaigns last 1-3 months
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One Time Guaranteed Deletion

We have developed proprietary techniques for having certain content permanently deleted from certain websites. Please contact us to inquire whether it is possible and for guaranteed pricing.

  • If it is possible, we will have the content deleted from the website and then removed from Google within a few days.
  • The content will be permanently removed and nobody will be able to find it.
  • Some of the sites we can do guaranteed deletions from include: TheDirty.com, Globe24h.com, ComplaintsBoard.com and many more.

This is obviously the best option when it is possible. It is usually not possible so manage your expectations accordingly.

Pricing depends on publication - $499 - $10,000 one time
*offered on a 100% money back guaranteed basis
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Online Reputation Maintenance Plan

Recommended Maintenance Plan

This plan is designed to maintain and steadily improve the current search engine reputation you have. We have found that clients who subscribe to this service after an initial crisis management campaign have great online reputations.

  • Assist with making new assets if you join boards or donate to organizations
  • Maintenance SEO on 3 links per month
  • Monitoring of rankings
  • Positive reviews (where applicable): up to 3 per month

Your search engine reputation will slowly improve and your clients will have you on their minds when they are looking for your service.

Flat rate pricing - $500 per month*
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Essential Reviews Management

This plan is designed to monitor and improve your ratings on reviews sites like Google Places, RateMDs, 411.ca, GlassDoor and other websites that potential customers look at to evaluate your business.

  • We analyze your current situation and determine which review sites are important to your company.
  • We monitor the websites where reviews are written about your company.
  • We get real reviews from your real customers published on these websites.
  • We take measures to ensure the positive reviews are not deleted.
  • We flag and try to get removed damaging reviews.
  • We ensure your product or service has the rating it deserves.
Simple pricing - $499 per month*
*6 month minimum, 30 day cancellation
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Your company removed or suppressed all of the negative remarks about me in weeks not months.
John A.
I feel safe knowing I control the first two pages of Google about my name and city.
Vanessa A.

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