We build trust through reputation.

Case Study:

Financial Company CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment

The Problem:

The CEO of a financial company was wrongfully accused of sexual harassment by a vindictive former employee who he had recently fired. The case was thrown out, and there was no finding of wrongdoing, but bloggers picked up the story and sided with the alleged ‘victim’. As a result, search results for the CEO’s name were polluted with these bloggers opinions and his otherwise impeccable reputation was being tainted.

The Solution:

During our initial interviews, we learned of the CEO’s noble career and personal interests. Our content developers created many different assets demonstrating his accomplishments and highlighting his philanthropy and community involvement. We promoted these new positive assets until they buried the negative articles from the vigilante bloggers.

The Outcome:

Eleven months later, the first twenty results in Google for the CEO’s name are all positive. New articles about him do not mention the unfounded allegations because the information does not come up in internet research, and his online reputation has been restored to highlight his many accomplishments.

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