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How Reportmyex.com Damages Your Reputation

Reportmyex.com is yet another example of the dark side of the web. It’s also an example of a website damaging people’s reputations under the guise of “doing good”. The concept behind the website is simple, yet extremely effective: let users “out” and publicly shame their spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends who may or may not have cheated.

Why Is This Website So Damaging to Your Reputation?

If the concept of Reportmyex.com is not bad enough, since its launch, traffic to the site has continued to grow, with Reportmyex.com now attracting more than 200,000 unique visitors a month.

The bad news doesn’t end there.

As those who have been a victim of the website know, disgruntled people can post what they want on the website, with little to no monitoring of content, and regardless of how far from the truth the post is. Worse yet, posts are intentionally titled with the cheater’s name and their residence to make sure that this damaging information ranks high for the “cheater” on Google.

Will a REPORTMYEX.COM post really rank high for my name in Google?

The short answer is, yes. Based on our experience with the site, reportmyex.com posts have a strong potential to rank on a person’s first page on Google.

That means that your embarrassing reportmyex.com post will be one of the first things people see when they Google you, whether that person is your employer, a potential employer, or someone from your community.

What can I do?

If you read Reportmyex.com’s policy on removals, you will notice two things: one, the site is protected under the Communications Decency Act. Second, the site will not take down content and, instead, directs a victim to take the issue up with the poster or a third-party service.

Reputation.ca Removes REPORTMYEX.COM Posts. Period.

Reputation.ca can remove posts from both Reportmyex.com and from Google. Our approach to removing damaging Reportmyex content from both the website and Google is backed by our years of reputation management experience. If our post removal service fails, we will fully refund your fee.

We are now able to guarantee our removal services. If the post about you on REPORTMYEX.COM is not completely gone from Google and Bing within two weeks, we will refund 100% of your money.

If you’ve found yourself victimized by embarrassing content on REPORTMYEX.COM, please complete the form below and our friendly representatives will start on your removal project immediately.

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Will ReportmyEx remove a post if I ask them?
The website does not remove any content directly via email requests and does not remove content even if the poster asks. However, they may comply with legal requests from attorneys or reputation management companies.
What kind of content is published on ReportmyEx.com?
Content can range from accusations of unfaithfulness, cheating, abuse, theft, and other illegal behavior.
Why should I hire someone to remove content from ReportmyEx.com?
If someone posts serious and damaging content about you on ReportmyEx.com, your reputation could be ruined not only in the eyes of your friends and family, but also in the eyes of a potential employer.
What is a key problem with ReportmyEx.com?
ReportMyEx.com has minimal sign-up and verification procedures. This means that anyone can anonymously sign-up and post malicious attacks and accusations about former spouses.
Will ReportmyEx.com remove a post if requested?
Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, ReportMyEx is recognized as a neutral, third-party platform with no obligation to remove posts. ReportMyEx will not remove posts due to the potential denial of free speech.


We did not play any part in publishing the existing negative content about you. Additionally, we have no ownership or control over the websites that are hosting the damaging posts about you. However, we are disclosing to you fully that in order to achieve your goal of getting the posts removed we may try and persuade the website owners to remove the content about you either directly or through other third parties. This may involve paying them or an intermediary money.

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