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PredatorsWatch.com Post Removal

How PredatorsWatch.com Damages Your Reputation

It’s called revenge porn. And PredatorsWatch.com is just another site that encourages it under the guise of “responsible” citizenship.

Revenge porn is the posting on the Internet of images or negative descriptions, often sexually oriented, and often by a spurned former partner. They are posted without your consent and the idea is to damage your reputation and good standing in your community.

What Makes This Website So Damaging?

Like other websites of its kind, PredatorsWatch.com makes a point of featuring your name on the site in a prominent and Google optimized way. Every person who is added to the site has their own separate and negative post, with their name prominently displayed in bold, along with where they live – sometimes their specific address and email and phone numbers, too.

Based on our experience, posts on PredatorsWatch.com have a high likelihood of ranking on the first page of one’s Google search results. That means when family, friends or prospective employers Google you, your PredatorsWatch.com will be one of the first things they see.

What can I do?

Asking the website to remove your post won’t work nor will offering to pay for its removal.

PredatorsWatch.com takes no responsibility for postings by third parties. The site practically dares you to sue. When false information is listed about you, under the U.S. Common Decency Act, you can sue the author (who, again, is most likely to post anonymously), but you won’t have much luck against the site’s operator.

Reputation.ca Removes PredatorsWatch.com Posts. Period.

Reputation.ca can remove damaging posts from PredatorsWatch.com and from Google. Our approach to doing so is based on many years of successful experience in undertaking online reputation management solutions. If our service fails, we’ll refund your total fee.

Even better, we back our removal services with this guarantee: If the post about you on PredatorsWatch.com is not completely gone from Google and Bing within two weeks, we will refund 100% of your money.

There’s no reason to let yourself be victimized by embarrassing content on PredatorsWatch.com. Please complete the form below and our friendly representatives will start on your removal project immediately.

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Predatorswatch.com states that they will not remove user-generated posts, is this true?
Yes, but Predatorswatch.com does offer three options to remove a post on their website: remove your post if you report others, make use of the independent 3rd party services listed to challenge the post, remove your name if you do charity work at the American Red Cross. These removal policies alone call into question the validity of the website.
What is revenge porn?
One specific form of cyber harrasment that is causing damage in people’s lives is revenge porn, or nonconsensual pornography. The unlawful use of explicit images without ones’ consent can upheave relationships and ruin careers. Revenge porn is illegal and there are measures to be taken if you should ever become a victim.
Are there any steps to prevent my name from being slandered on a website like PredatorsWatch.com?
While nothing is preventable if someone is out to defame your name, it is important to never share intimate photos of yourself – even if you trust someone – because there is still a risk they could post the photos online without your consent. If someone takes an intimate photo of you, ask them to delete it. Never post an intimate photo of yourself online.
Will my name be on PredatorsWatch.com forever?
If you don’t take the proper steps to have your name removed from PredatorsWatch.com, it can remain on the website, and worse, on Google search results indefinitely.
PredatorsWatch.com states that their website in no way means intent to harm and is very reasonable to work with. Is this true?
The website posies itself as a helpful tool to spread the word about sexual predators, but despite their good intentions, the impact that this site may have on your life can be immeasurable.


We did not play any part in publishing the existing negative content about you. Additionally, we have no ownership or control over the websites that are hosting the damaging posts about you. However, we are disclosing to you fully that in order to achieve your goal of getting the posts removed we may try and persuade the website owners to remove the content about you either directly or through other third parties. This may involve paying them or an intermediary money.

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