TheDirty.com has become infamous in the United States and Canada for posting libelous, many times downright false information about individuals.  TheDirty.com has had more than one million visitors a month and has an unfortunately convenient city index that allows visitors to search people based on the city they leave in.  

Worst of all, anyone can post about anyone on the site

Reputation.ca offers a 100% guaranteed service to REMOVE posts on TheDirty.com.

Today, President of Reputation.ca, Matt Earle, was invited as a guest on CBC News to explain the damage that TheDirty does to people’s reputations and the PROTECTION that Reputation.ca provides to this highly libelous website. 


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Raphael serves as the Content Production Director for Reputation.ca. Raphael oversees the company's writing staff, assuring that content is delivered accurately and with the highest level of quality. A College of William and Mary graduate, he enjoys reading and playing tennis in his free time.