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In the latest round of data breaches, this week Adult Friend Finder confirmed that their database had been breached, exposing the private information of millions of users of the site, as well as a host of other sites run by Friend Finder Networks, including Cams.com, Penthouse.com, and Stripshow.com.

To add to the bad news, this week’s Adult Friend Finder data breach is 10 times larger than last year’s Ashley Madison hack.  It’s estimated that more than 412 million accounts within the Friend Finder Networks have been exposed, including deleted accounts.  This week’s breach is the largest hack since the information of 359 million MySpace users was leaked in 2013.

It’s reported that the exposed private information of Adult Friend Finder users includes email addresses, passwords, dates of last visit to the website, IP addresses and browser information.

Last year, the hack of roughly 37 million Ashley Madison accounts was not only a reputation threat to millions of individuals, it also served as an ideal opportunity for extortionists looking to blackmail those impacted.

This week’s much larger Adult Friend Finder database leak will prove to be an even greater boon for extortionists.

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