Wikipedia Page Editing

In today’s digital world, Wikipedia is one of the most trustworthy reference sources on the Internet.  Wikipedia ranks as the 7th most popular website on the Internet worldwide and attracts millions of readers every day.  Most importantly, having a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business is a tremendously powerful asset that will likely rank on your first page and will reinforce your positive reputation to those you work with.

Our experts are highly experienced in working with Wikipedia and its editors.   Over the years, we have successfully created LIVE Wikipedia pages for numerous clients.  Our ability to do this has come from our detailed knowledge of how Wikipedia works and what content is accepted and what is not.  We work within the Wikipedia framework to add value to the community and satisfy their rules, while at the same time getting you a Wikipedia page.  The Wikipedia pages we have created for our clients have gone on to make an enormously positive impact on our clients’ reputations and how they are perceived by those around them.

Under our Wikipedia Page Creation Plan, our team will:

  • Review your notability level and make an assessment of your suitability for inclusion in Wikipedia. If we determine you are not suitable we will refund $1,500 of your fees.

    Draft a brand-new Wikipedia page for you or your business using all available media sources as references.

  • Submit this draft to you for review and approval to make sure you are fully comfortable with what is said on your new Wikipedia page.

  • Following your approval, our team will submit this draft to Wikipedia and work with Wikipedia’s editors to get it approved and published on Wikipedia.

  • When your new Wikipedia page is live, we will let you know and finalize your page by adding photo(s) to it and cross-linking the page from other high authority online sources.

Order Your Wikipedia Page Online Now

Cost: $2,000 + HST.

Extremely long articles that require lots of research may cost more.