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All of us who use the internet have a good understanding of just how significant Google is. Numbers put Google’s dominance in even clearer perspective. Google has an 88% market share for search in Canada.

In addition to search, Google is in the reviews business. Because Google controls its own search engine, they have placed their reviews widget prominently at the top of search results so everyone always sees them. That’s a big difference between Google and Yelp/Yellow Pages and others – Google reviews are more prominent.

Because so many local searchers use Google to look up everything from where the best Italian restaurant in town is to when their nearby grocery store will be closing, how a business appears on Google Reviews plays an incredibly significant role in a business’ overall online reputation. Also, the rating a business has on Google Reviews affects how often and how high users are shown a business listing on Google Maps and Google Search.

The better Google reviews a business has, the more likely the business will attract new customers and enjoy growth and success.

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What are Google Reviews?

Google reviews are reviews that appear on the first page of a business’ Google search results. When a user searches a business on Google, the business’ search results will appear. On the first page to the right of the results you will see a business’ information box. This information box includes the most relevant information that users want to know about a business, including address, phone numbers, opening and closing times, and reviews about the business left by previous customers.

These are Google reviews.

Google reviews are the most prominent reviews for a business because they appear first thing when a customer searches a business online. Businesses want to have their Google reviews as positive as possible.

How can we help you fix Google Reviews?

We do the work for you

Reputation.ca provides the best, most convenient Google reviews management service in the industry.

Our Google reviews management service gets the positive Google reviews your company needs so that you can focus on the most important thing: building your business.

Our staff uses our advanced reviews management software to both collect a certain amount of positive reviews from customers each month and to monitor what is said about your business on Google reviews. We do all the work for you.

Do as much or as little as you want. Reputation.ca has you covered!

Collect Google reviews efficiently

Positive reviews on Google are incredibly important to your business’ reputation and its growth. Many times your customers would like to give your business a positive review, but lack the convenient way or motivation to do it.

Our reviews service gives you an easy way to collect Google reviews from your clients on your website, on a tablet in your office, or via email using our software.

Control your Google reviews

Our reviews platform enables you to control what Google reviews are published and what are not. When a customer leaves a negative review on your Google page, the reality is that most of the time they just want to be heard.

Using our platform, we can help you separate your Google reviews, so that negative or neutral reviews can be filtered and come to you first. You then have the convenient ability to contact your customer to resolve the problem.

The best strategy to avoid getting a negative review on Google is to get in front of the problem and turn angry customers into advocates.

Our service will get you the Google Reviews rating you want

You can do as much or as little as you want, the service will get the job done for you.

Our reviews service not only provides an easy way to collect Google reviews from your customers, it also allows you to receive email reports when you get new reviews on your page or just a weekly or daily summary.

Simply login to our platform and view all reviews from your selected sites on one screen.

If you don’t want to login, our team can set-up regular email reports so you can sit back and wait for the good results in your inbox.

Why are Google reviews important?
Taking time to focus on what a customer or client has said about their experience will help you understand your business from their perspective and allow you to become more accountable as a direct result.
Why should I respond to a Google review about my business?
As a business, responding quickly and proactively to negative online reviews or complaints is the first step to maintaining positive PR. Aim to respond to public social media and reviews comments in a helpful way that strives to offer solutions to your customer’s problem.
Should I respond to a review even if it is positive?
Yes, respond to positive reviews by reiterating what the customer enjoyed, congratulate your staff on excellent customer service, invite the customer back, and suggest other services you think they may benefit from.
Is it proper to ask a customer to leave a review?
By asking your current customers to post a review after they’ve received a positive experience, you have the opportunity to improve your online reputation.
What is Google alerts?
Some websites like Google Alerts will notify you when someone makes a new post or review. The faster you can address your company’s reviews, the better you can compete in a challenging market.
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