Adult Friend Finder Extortion Protection

What is the Adult Friend Finder data leak?

In late October, a group of hackers attacked the website Adult Friend Finder stealing the sensitive and private information of 412,214,295 account holders. The email addresses, passwords and other sensitive data was collected into a database that has now been made available to online criminal marketplaces.

While the majority of the accounts (300 million) breached by the hackers came from the Adult Friend Finder website, the other 1.2 million accounts that were leaked were comprised from other websites of the Friend Finder Network, including Penthouse, Stripshow, and iCams. The account information of more than 15 million deleted accounts was also included in the criminal database.

In addition to email addresses and passwords, the breach also includes personal information such as VIP member status, browser information, the last IP address used to log in, and confirmations/receipts of user’s purchases.

As we saw last year with the Ashley Madison breach, hackers can use this sensitive data to extort and blackmail account holders. This threat can cause extreme distress and in the event that hackers release the private information can result in a broken marriage and career and personal embarrassment.

The public disclosure of discrete data can negatively impact your partner and significant others, as well as your children and extended family.

How will the Adult Friend Finder hack affect me?

The Adult Friend Finder network hack is considered the largest and most widespread this year. Because the site is considered “one of the world’s largest sex hook-up websites”, having your name, data and information associated with the hack can be detrimental to your personal, private and business relationships — not just today but for years to come.

Even if you haven’t used or logged on to the site in years, the data that was breached reaches back as far as 20 years ago.

What will happen next?

As hackers and criminal elements vie for the breached information, it is only a matter of time before a website is created that hosts profiles for all of the usernames and links them with their email addresses and real names. From there, it won’t be long before a Google search of your name reveals profiles and pages that display photos, fantasies, chats and proclivities, basically any information that you entered and shared in the website or across its network.

What data is out there?

  • Millions of email addresses and passwords which can be used to access your
  • email accounts and private banking information
  • Creation date and last updated date
  • Membership status and type of account
  • Last known log-in location
  • First name and last name (at least, the one given) and nickname
  • Street address, including city, province/date, zip/postal code, and in many cases even the latitude and longitude corresponding to the address.
  • Up to three phone numbers, including work and mobile (if provided)
  • Gender and Date of birth
  • Confirmation of any user purchases
  • Profile introduction title and bio
  • Profile introduction title and bio
  • What you’re open to, what you’re looking for, and what turns you on

Do you want a profile with information like this coming up when your boss or children Google you?

  • Have you been maliciously added to the Adult Friend Finder website by an enemy or competitor?
  • Did you legitimately sign up for the website in a moment of weakness but now your marriage is fine and you are scared of the consequences?
  • Are you worried about being embarrassed professionally due to your private sexual fantasies being released to the public?
  • We share your concern regarding the Adult Friend Finder leak and have developed a service to protect your name.

Our Adult Friend Finder Leak Protection Service

  • Have the data queried (through a third party) and provide a full report of all of your exposed data, if any.
  • Perform our Personal Suppression service to fill your first page of Google with other information to prevent Adult Friend Finder leak information from reaching the first page and damaging your reputation.
  • Clean up mentions of your name wherever possible.
  • Provide expert advice to help you navigate the waters as the impacts of this leak progress.


$3,000 CAD + taxes per month. Month to month. No commitment required.

In the first month we will provide a report with all information in the leak and offer you a strategy to protect yourself. We will also answer your questions related to your exposure. Additional months will be required to execute the defense strategy.

Our service will dramatically improve your professional online reputation in addition to protecting you from the impacts of the leak.

Call us if you have any questions that are not answered above: (416) 934-5023

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