Let’s face it – being penalized, regardless of what part of life or business we’re talking about, is not a fun thing.   And that’s especially the case when we are talking about penalties applied by Google.  For those who are unfamiliar with SEO and online reputation management, there may be an impression that Google takes a hands-off approach when it comes to their search results.  Yes, they are constantly working to improve and refine their search algorithm – that’s a given.  But, some may be surprised that Google can also change their search results as a way of delivering a disciplinary, penalizing action to a person or institution.

Google’s overarching goal is to be a universal access for information, one that is accurate and relevant, and one that displays the most relevant information about a subject first.  Therefore, if Google finds that a company is gaming the system through frowned-upon SEO techniques, then there’s a likelihood that Google will discipline the company by lowering the company’s rank in Google’s search results or, in a much more extreme move, removing the offending company from its results all together.

Clearly, for most businesses, part of success depends on their visibility, and it can be fair to say that, in the past, when Google has applied a disciplinary action to companies, it has affected their business. 

But, the question is, what do you do if you’re a business who has unfortunately attracted the attention of Google in a bad way?  What do you do if Google has penalized your company and artificially lowered your company’s search rankings?  And how long do these kinds of penalties last?

A recent article by TalkORM provides some great insight into what you need to know if you do become penalized by Google. 


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