Whether we’re established businesses, young start-ups, professionals or students fresh out of college, we all want to appear positively online.  But, molding a positive reputation online does not happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without several integral ingredients.

One of these integral ingredients being high-quality content.  For any business or individual looking to establish a more positive presence online, the publication of positive, high-quality content is fundamental to the goal.

As referenced in today’s article, with recent algorithm updates seen in Panda and Penguin, Google’s ability to distinguish between original, high-quality written content versus poorly-written content or machine-generated content is becoming increasingly fine-tuned.  And it’s influencing search results in a very real way. 

Therefore, it’s important for anyone who would like to increase their positive online exposure to remember that there is no easy route – create original and college-educated-level writing about yourself or your institution and you will be far more likely to improve your search results.

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Content Production Director

Raphael serves as the Content Production Director for Reputation.ca. Raphael oversees the company's writing staff, assuring that content is delivered accurately and with the highest level of quality. A College of William and Mary graduate, he enjoys reading and playing tennis in his free time.