Following privacy and data sharing revelations from Facebook and Google, Reputation.ca has introduced two privacy solutions designed to use our expertise in online reputation management and online privacy to provide greater security to Canadians.

Reputation.ca is proud to offer two new service packages focused solely on online privacy and security: the Reputation.ca Premier Privacy service and the Reputation.ca White Glove Privacy Lockdown service.

As threats to one’s online privacy and data continue to multiply, Reputation.ca is committed to helping Canadians control their personal information and decide what is private and what is public, and, ultimately, bring peace of mind to you and your family.

To learn more about these new service offerings, feel free to visit our privacy service page here.


Content Production Director

Raphael serves as the Content Production Director for Reputation.ca. Raphael oversees the company's writing staff, assuring that content is delivered accurately and with the highest level of quality. A College of William and Mary graduate, he enjoys reading and playing tennis in his free time.