To continue our blog series on how online social reputations can either positively or negatively affect today’s teenagers, we’ll move on to the topic of college admissions.   Clearly, having the fortune of being accepted to one’s top college pick is a dream come true for most teenagers.

In the past, prior to the enormous influence of the internet and online social media, teenagers solely had to be concerned about their grades and their level of involvement in extracurricular activities and athletics in considering their admission chances.

However, in today’s modern world, a world where so many people have access to the internet and so many people use it as a source of information, things are much different.  Similar to what recruiters and employers do in considering a prospective employer, today many colleges are looking at a candidate’s online profile in considering whether to accept a student or not.

Students preparing their college admittance portfolio need to be aware of this rising trend and, in order to improve their college admittance success, it’s highly recommended that they take steps to strengthen their online reputations as much as possible.

This ‘Digital Parenting’ article adds to the topic and provides some need-to-know tips on how teens can go about improving their online reputations.   

Take a look.


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