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Navigating Crisis: Three Best Reputation Management Practices
Nov 8, 2019
Some best practices companies should consider when navigating an online reputation management crisis.
5 Key Guidance Points to Better Managing Your Business’ Social Media Presence
Sep 5, 2019
Use these guidance points to better manage your business' social media presence and business reviews.
Google vs. Bing: A side-by-side comparison
Jul 12, 2019
A look at the differences and similarities between Google and Bing search engines.
Reputation and Brand Building 101: Creating (and Maintaining) a Company Blog Page
Mar 26, 2019
A look at the brand and reputational importance of maintaining a blog page on your business' website.
A Simple Guide to Optimizing Images for Google Search
Dec 7, 2018
A look at how to increase the presence of positive images on your Google search.
Online Reputation Management: What Real Estate Executives Need to Know
Oct 10, 2018
One industry where leaders should be thinking about their online reputation is real estate. Gone are the days when a realtor’s smiling face on a sign and a good reputation around town were the center of a strong reputation.
How New Google Video Carousel Feature Impacts Online Reputation Management
Aug 21, 2018
A look at how Google's new video carousel feature impacts your online reputation and Google presence.
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Online
Aug 7, 2018
How corporate social responsibility can not only help your business do good in the larger community, but can also make an impact on your business' reputation.
Having Your Business Misrepresented on Google; How to Keep It from Happening
Apr 11, 2018
Having your company accurately represented on Google My Business - why it's important to your business' online reputation.
How to Encourage Happy Customers to Post Positive Reviews About Your Business
Feb 16, 2018

Why online reviews of businesses are becoming increasingly important and how to encourage your happy customers to leave positive online reviews about your company.

Breaking Down Google’s First Page and How It Impacts Your Online Reputation
Oct 20, 2017
A look at how click-through rates compare within Google's first page search results.
“Do’s and Don’ts” in Using Twitter to Enhance Your Online Reputation
Jul 28, 2017
Having and using a Twitter account can be an excellent asset for your online reputation.  It can also turn into a liability.  Do's and dont's to know when being active on Twitter.
Common Misconceptions Surrounding Digital Reputation Management
May 25, 2017
A look at some the misconceptions that can harm your company's digital reputation strategy.
Why Creating and Verifying Your Business on Google My Business is So Important
May 3, 2017
A look at the importance of verifying your business on Google My Business and the improvement in search results that come from it.
A Look at the Relative Value of Ranking Positions on Google
Apr 17, 2017
Google click-through: just how powerful is the #1 position on Google's first page versus the #10 position.
What It Means to Write a Compelling Executive Bio
Apr 11, 2017
Leadership pages and executive bios play a significant role in a strong, positive online presence.  Which means knowing how to write a compelling executive bio is even more important.
A CEO's Reputation Can Make or Break a Corporation
Dec 14, 2016
As Warren Buffett famously said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.” If reputation is still important for a man who has enough wealth for 10 lifetimes, it certainly should matter to those who don’t.
How to Control Your Online Domain
Sep 27, 2016
An important step in controlling how you are perceived online is owning your domains, as we explain in this recent post.
Do you really need a Canadian cyber-libel lawyer?
Mar 20, 2015
When confronted with cyber defamation, the first thought that comes to people's minds is to hire a lawyer.  However, there is a better, more effective alternative - hiring an online reputation management firm.
Why Physicians Need to Know About Online Reputation Management
Nov 13, 2014
Today we look at another demonstration of why online reputation management is growing in importance for physicians in all avenues of medicine.
Reputation Management -- When Someone Has the Same Name As You
Oct 5, 2014
Sometimes online reputation management is required for reasons that are entirely out of one’s control, for example, like when someone has the same name as you and as a poor online reputation.  This is exactly the scenario we discuss in today’s blog post.
Why Reputation Management Is So Important for Attorneys
Sep 27, 2014
Naturally, attorneys must know the law and know how to defend the rights of their clients.  But, more than ever, attorneys must also be adept marketers and must have a stellar online reputation.
Earning Engagement in Today's Social Media World
Sep 7, 2014
Why are my posts not getting any response?  That’s a common complaint from those who are looking to network or promote a brand through social media.  And with that complaint in mind, today’s article discusses how to achieve higher rates of engagement in today's various social media channels.
The Importance of Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents
Sep 5, 2014
In today’s blog post, we talk about a fairly straightforward subject, namely why online reputation management is so critical for real estate agents.
Does Your Website Have a Customer Testimonial Section?
Aug 29, 2014
Today’s blog post talks about why a customer testimonial section in a business’ website can be so critical.
The Key Digital Asset for Any Business Is Its Domain Name
Aug 23, 2014
Today’s blog post offers some basic guidance on the most important asset for the online reputation of any business -- namely, that business' domain name.
Have a Cause You Support? Share It With the World
Aug 21, 2014
Today’s blog post talks about why it’s important for individuals and businesses to share the volunteer causes one is a part of and why many individuals and businesses fail to do so.
Reputation Monitoring Tools for Businesses - Part II
Jul 31, 2014
Another hopefullly helpful guide on what are some best online tools out there for businesses to monitor their online reputations.
Do You Know SEO?
Jul 27, 2014
Online reputation management for businesses is critical.  But, raising online awareness of your business is also important.  And you can’t do that without knowing a thing or two about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
How To Create More Digitally Aware and Kinder Teens
Jul 13, 2014
The digital world has a lot to offer today’s teens.  But, as we all know, the internet has also paved the way for online bullying.  The question is how do we stop this trend.
The Distinction Between SEO and Online Reputation Management (or ORM)
Jun 22, 2014
Understanding the distinction between SEO and online reputation management, or ORM, and understanding what exactly your business needs in relation to these two terms is key, as explained in this article.
Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation
Jun 15, 2014
A summary is provided here of several powerful tools that can help you manage your online reputation.
The Other Search Engines
Jun 11, 2014
Yes, as we know Google is the go-to resource for searching the Internet.  But, in monitoring your reputation, it’s important to keep tabs on the other search engines as well, like Bing and Yahoo!
Google+ – Why It’s So Important for Your Business
Jun 7, 2014
Greater visibility, especially greater visibility online, is imperative to the success of a small business.  That’s only one of the many reasons why Google+ is so important for small businesses.
What To Do If You Get a Manual Penalty
Jun 5, 2014
Being penalized, regardless of what part of life we’re talking about, is not a fun thing. This article gives some tips on what to do if your business finds itself penalized by Google.
How to Use Press Releases Effectively – A Guide
May 10, 2014
Ever since the introduction of Google Penguin 2.0, the SEO power of press releases has been curtailed.  However, that does not mean that press releases do not still have marketing significance.
For Businesses in the Hospitality Industry – Reputation Is Everything
Apr 27, 2014
In this interview with Kelly McGuire, Executive Director of the Hospitality and Travel Global Practice for SAS, it is stressed just how important a hotel’s online reputation is for success.
Real Estate Agents – Do You Have Your Real Estate Blog Up and Running?
Apr 23, 2014
Creating and maintaining a real estate blog is a great way for real estate agents to improve their online reputation; but, keep in mind these common mistakes.
More on Online Reputation Management for Physicians
Apr 19, 2014
A physician’s online reputation is becoming an increasingly important factor for the success of a doctor’s career – but, that carries with it complications.
Handling Negative Customer Reviews – Tip #1: Do Not Remove Them
Apr 17, 2014
For most businesses, effectively handling negative customer reviews is a tricky thing.  But, one thing that businesses should not do is remove them.
Online Reputation Management Advice for Executives
Apr 12, 2014
Content that affects an executive’s online reputation doesn’t just come in the form of text – images are equally as important in maintaining and strengthening one’s online reputation.
Be Aware of Sites like Jerk.com
Apr 9, 2014
This article provides guidance on how to avoid being a victim of slanderous sites like Jerk.com.
Steps to Properly Managing Negative Online Reviews
Apr 5, 2014

Many businesses wonder what the best way is to respond to negative online reviews.  Today’s article provides detailed steps on how to do just that.

Online Reputation Management for Physicians
Apr 2, 2014
Today’s discussion is on the subject of how physicians can go about protecting and improving their online reputations.
Business Reputation Management Is More Than Playing Defensive
Mar 30, 2014
This cited article explains what businesses should avoid when doing online reputation management through social media.
Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation – Make It Easy for Customers to Complain
Mar 26, 2014
This Huffington Post blog post mentions that making it easier for your customers to complain can actually end up saving or improving your company’s online reputation.
How Small Businesses Can Defend Their Reputations
Mar 20, 2014
Another resourceful article is provided here offering further advice on how small businesses can go about protecting their online reputations.
Online Reputation Management Help for Dentists
Mar 15, 2014
A dentist’s online reputation is playing an increasingly critical role in career success.  This article gives some helpful tips on how dentists can improve their reputations online.
Online Reputation Management – A Re-Cap of the Basics
Mar 1, 2014
This article provides a nice reminder of some of the basic skills that everyone should follow in order to maintain a positive online reputation.
Attorneys Need to be Continually Aware of their Online Reputations
Feb 22, 2014
As discussed in this reputation management article, attorneys, especially those who own their own firm, need to be continually aware of their reputation online.
Pay-to-Unpublish Sites: The Reality of Digital Extortion
Feb 12, 2014
How do we stop or mitigate the trend of online extortion?  This article offers some insights and provides intelligent discussion on the topic.
Do You Have a Mug Shot Online That You Don’t Know About?
Feb 5, 2014
Read about the growing trend of online companies like Mugshots and JustMughsots posting people’s mug shot photos online for all the world to see.
The Key to Successful Online Reputation Management is High-Quality Content
Jan 31, 2014
This article gives some noteworthy background on why high-quality content is so important to optimizing search results and how it can be created.
Responding to a Reputation Management Crisis Correctly
Jan 17, 2014
Knowing how to respond appropriately to a reputation crisis moment is just as important as knowing how to prevent it.  This article provides a number of tips on how businesses’ should respond to a social media crisis.
The Online World Requires Caution and Self-Awareness
Jan 15, 2014
This New Yorker article provides interesting discussion on the online social dynamics that are forming around incidents when someone makes an embarrassing or socially unacceptable tweet, as case in point Justine Sacco last year.
Online Reputations Affect All Career Types – Even Creative Ones
Dec 21, 2013
The world of filmmaking is not immune to damaged reputations as a result of bad or embarrassing online content, as we discover in this article.
In the New Economy, Reputation is Everything
Dec 11, 2013
Author Josh Klein discusses his new book, Reputation Economics, and why one’s reputation will be more important than ever in the future global economy.
Hoteliers Are Becoming Increasingly Active In Monitoring Their Online Reputations
Nov 21, 2013

Hotel owners are becoming increasingly focused on finding ways to manage and improve their online reputations.  

Removing Bad Search Results | Free Step-By-Step Instructions
Dec 14, 2012
So there are Google results about you or your company that you want to get rid of? We understand completely.
Read This: Before You Hire An Expensive Defamation Lawyer
Oct 16, 2012
The law of defamation protects a person's reputation from false communications attacking one's honesty, integrity, sanity or the like. Defamation which is written is called libel. When the communication is oral it is called slander.
Reputation Management and Small Businesses
Sep 6, 2012
Some version of reputation management has existed ever since it became possible to Google yourself or your company or brand.

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