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The Value in Giving Teenagers Online Reputation Management Lessons
Dec 12, 2017
A look at just how important it has become for parents to teach their teenagers about the basics of online reputation management.
Do Universities Google Student Applicants? Yes, They Do.
Sep 20, 2014
Today’s blog discusses the growing importance of the online presence of students applying to university and introduces a brand new Reputation.ca service package.
Does Your Teen Know How Vulnerable Their Online Reputation Is?
Mar 23, 2014
Another article is highlighted here that explains how to keep your children and their online reputation safe.
Online Reputations Count When It Comes to College Admissions
Jan 29, 2014
Teenagers today need to be concerned with more than just their grades and class performance in thinking about college admissions.  Today, a teenager’s online reputation plays a major role as well in their college admittance success.
A Social Trend in Today’s Generation of Teenagers: Oversharing
Jan 25, 2014
As discussed in a Huffington Post article from this week, teens who have been brought up on social media seem to be sharing more information – and more personal information – than any other generation in the past.  But, what kind of threat is this to their online reputations?
The Infamous Selfie – What Teens Need to Know to Stay Safe
Jan 22, 2014
The selfie has become all the rage in the past year or so, particularly among teenagers.  But, what do teenagers need to know about selfies in order to stay safe online?  That’s a topic elaborated upon in this post.
Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activity Requires Balance
Dec 4, 2013
Are things like installing spy software and monitoring a child’s posts on a daily basis the best sort of actions to take as a parent?
Helping Your Teen Protect Their Online Reputation
Jul 25, 2013
When you hear about protecting kids online, what first comes to mind are porn, cyber-bullying, viruses and malware and cyber-luring.

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