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Easy Ways Medical Professionals Can Improve Their Online Presence
Jun 8, 2018
Those who work in the medical industry are not immune to the impact of one's online reputation - here's how doctors and other medical professionals can improve their online presence.
Reputation.ca President Matt Earle on CJAD Radio
May 8, 2018
Yesterday, Matt Earle, President and Founder of Reputation.ca spoke on CJAD Radio Montreal on the importance of second chances when facing the court of public opinion. Matt commented on the need of an individual or business to have the ability to be known for more than just the negative coverage that gets sensationalized by the media.
Reputation.ca President Matt Earle on Right to Be Forgotten-CBC The National
May 1, 2018
Yesterday, Reputation.ca President Matt Earle was invited as a guest on CBC'S The National on the Right to be Forgotten.
Reputation.ca President Matt Earle on CBC Radio
Sep 1, 2017
Yesterday, President of Reputation.ca, Matt Earle, spoke with the CBC on when and how to be proactive about managing one's online reputation.
Voice Search: What’s It All About? And What Does It Mean for Online Reputation Management?
Jun 14, 2017
Understanding how voice search impacts online search results will be an increasing priority for online reputation management experts.
Google Images and How to Remove Them
Jan 18, 2017

Certainly, what appears in the Google’s main search results page, and particularly Google’s first page, plays a highly significant role in online reputation management. How positive, or alternatively, how negative, the results that appear on Google’s first page when someone searches your name to a great extent determines whether you have a good online reputation or a poor one.

How to Google Yourself Properly
Dec 30, 2016
We are all familiar with the phrase, knowledge is power. Although the phrase is on the verge of being overly-used, that should not discount the fact that there’s truth behind the statement. Regardless of the industry or business you work in, the more knowledge and insight you have and the quicker you’re able to gain expertise, the more likely you are to succeed.
The Financial Cost of a Bad Reputation
Dec 5, 2016
Being on the wrong end of bad reputation issues comes with a price. How big a price? Just ask United Airlines. The price tag after one particular incident hit $180 million.
Adult Friend Finder Data Leak - Reputation.ca Can Offer PROTECTION
Nov 17, 2016
This week it was announced Adult Friend Finder had been hit by a massive database hack 10 times larger than last year's Ashley Madison hack.
Reputation.ca in The Global Dispatch
Nov 16, 2016
Reputation.ca's new reputation management software continues to gain coverage and most recently was mentioned as a tool to use in The Global Dispatch.
Reputation.ca's New Reputation Management Software Mentioned on YoungUpstarts
Nov 3, 2016
Reputation.ca's new online reputation software was included in the "7 Tools Entreprenerus Should Be Using to Manage Their Online Reputations" article on YoungUpstarts.
Reputation.ca Free Reputation Management Software on AmongTech
Oct 18, 2016
Reputation.ca's Free Reputation Management software was mentioned today on AmongTech.
Reputation.ca Guides Businesses on How to Handle Negative Reviews
Jul 4, 2016
In today's digital world, the majority of companies face the decision of how to respond to negative online reviews.  President of Reputation.ca, Matt Earle, spoke today on how businesses can appropriately respond to negative online criticism.
Reputation.ca President Matt Earle to Speak on Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Panel - June 9, 2016
May 27, 2016
Next month, Reputation.ca President Matt Earle will be participating in an Ontario Bar Association (OBA) sponsore expert panel discussion on information technology and intellectual property law.
Alarming Survey: 33% of companies are not monitoring their online reputations
Apr 12, 2016
A survey recently published by CPL Resources brought attention to a suprising fact: 33% of companies are not monitoring what is said about them online.
Reputation.ca President on Investment Executive (IE) Today with Fiona Collie
Dec 1, 2015
President of Reputation.ca, Matt Earle, was interviewed today by Investment Executive's Fiona Collie on online reputation management and why it's so important.
What do I do about Ashley Madison extortion emails?
Sep 29, 2015
Here is what you should do if you are getting extortion emails.
Reputation.ca on CBC Ottawa - Reputation.ca Offers PROTECTION from THEDIRTY.COM
Sep 22, 2015
In this CBC Ottawa segment, Reputation.ca President, Matt Earle, explains how Reputation.ca can remove slandering posts from TheDirty.com.
Ashley Madison Data Leak - Reputation.ca Offers PROTECTION
Aug 20, 2015
Reputation.ca is well-equipped to protect the reputations of those exposed in yesteday's Ashley Madison data leak.
Should businesses buy their .sucks domain before the June 1st deadline?
May 8, 2015
Earlier this year, it was announced that the the .sucks domain would become available to the public. Companies now have the opportunity to buy the .sucks domain associated with their brand during a “sunrise period”.  Unfortunately, the predatory tactics of Vox Populi Registry Ltd., the Canadian-owned company that manages the .sucks domains, is making that very difficult for companies to do.
How Shark Tank’s 2 Million Offer for BrandYourself Is a Boost for Online Reputation Management as a Whole
Mar 24, 2015
Last Friday, the host of Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec, offered the largest check in the show’s history to online reputation company, BrandYourself.  It was a testament of the increasing demand and growth of the online reputation management industry.  
Reputation.ca on The Huffington Post Today
Oct 16, 2014
CEO.ca interview with Reputation.ca’s President Matt Earle featured today on The Huffington Post.
Reputation.ca’s President Matt Earle on CEO.ca
Oct 15, 2014
Reputation.ca’s CEO Matt Earle discusses online reputation management and how Reputation.ca helps its clients on CEO.ca.
Reputation.ca In The Latest Sysco Today
Jul 24, 2014
Read up on how important reputation managment is in contributions made by Reputation.ca President Matt Earle in the most recent Sysco Today issue.
Matt Earle's "A Better Way to Protect Privacy" - Now Online
Jul 3, 2014
Reputation.ca’s President Matt Earle op-ed on the right to be forgotten debate in the National Post can now be found online.
“A Better Way to Protect Privacy” – Reputation.ca in the National Post
Jun 30, 2014
Reputation.ca’s President Matt Earle provided an op-ed on the right to be forgotten debate as published today in the National Post.
Reputation.ca on CKNW's Bill Good Show Today
May 21, 2014
Reputation.ca President, Matt Earle, was a guest today on The Bill Good Show on CKNW.  Matt Earle had the opportunity to speak at length on the recent "right to be forgotten" EU ruling.
Paying attention to the buzz – Reputation.ca in the National Post
May 5, 2014
The importance for businesses to have a positive online brand cannot be underestimated in this day and age.  In a recent National Post article, the President of Reputation.ca, Matt Earle, speaks to why a positive online reputation is so important.
New California law protecting minors – Reputation.ca mentioned in canada.com
Apr 28, 2014

Reputation.ca today was mentioned in a canada.com article on a new California law that will compel web companies to take down a post if a minor requests it.  

How to Salvage an Online Reputation – Reputation.ca in today’s Toronto Star
Mar 5, 2014
The reputation services provided by Reputation.ca were profiled in today’s Toronto Star.
Can Your Internet Image Influence Your Career? - CTV | Alberta Primetime
Nov 18, 2013
President, Matt Earle, was a guest commentator on Alberta Primetime and discussed the topic of why one's online reputation is more important than ever.
Your on-line reputation - CBC Ottawa | Ontario Today
Nov 8, 2013
Our president, Matt Earle, was the guest commentator on the CBC Radio Show Ontario Today.
Reputation.ca President on CBC Radio - How To Do It
Jul 16, 2013
Have you made a huge mistake? Or is someone unfairly dragging your name through the mud? This week on How To Do It: The Guide to Things You Hope You Never Need To Know, Josh Bloch and Sarah Treleaven find out how to rehabilitate your reputation.
Matt Earle Quoted in Andre Mayer's CBC.ca Article on Lee David Clayworth
May 7, 2013
Matt Earle, president of Reputation.ca, a Toronto-based firm that helps clients improve...
Interview with Matt Earle on HeyReceiver
May 3, 2013
Interview with Matt Earle on HeyReceiver communications industry blog.
Matt Earle Quoted in Dianne Buckner's CBC Blog
Feb 20, 2013
Matt Earle, President, Reputation.ca, was quoted in Dianne Buckner's (Dragon's Den host) blog regarding small business online reputation management.
Reputation.ca President Matt Earle Quoted in the Star
Jan 14, 2013
Matt Earle was quoted in a nice story by Katie Daubs in the Toronto Star.

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