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E.U.’s Top Court Forces Facebook to Delete Negative Content; Will Others Follow Suit?
Oct 7, 2019
A ruling by The European Court of Justice found that individual countries can order Facebook to take down posts, photographs and videos not only in their own countries, but globally, in a ruling that extends the reach of the EU’s internet-related laws beyond its own borders
Notice Regarding Cambridge Analytica Facebook Privacy Breach
Mar 28, 2018
A message from Reputation.ca in light of the Facebook data breach by Cambridge Analytica.
The Internet as You Know It Is About to Change
Apr 10, 2015
The introduction of new suffixes, like .sucks and .gripe, will only reinforce the need for online reputation management among small and large businesses.
How 3 April Fools Pranks This Year Turned Into Serious Online Reputation Problems
Apr 2, 2015
April Fools is supposed to be a day of good-natured pranking.  Unfortunately, when pranks go too far, it can have serious consequences.
Warren Buffett Says Not to Even Lose a “Shred of Reputation”
Mar 4, 2015
In his biannual memo to his All-Star managers this year, Warren Buffett reminded them how important reputation is and not to lose a shred of it.
Caselaw Globe24h.com – More REMOVAL Information of Private Court Documents
Jan 8, 2015
Globe24h.com, a Romanian website that publishes private Canadian legal documents, remains a thorn in the side of many Canadians.  In this recent article, Matt Earle explains how Reputation.ca can remove information on Globe24h.com, to the relief of many people.
Reputation.ca on College Recruiter Today
Nov 21, 2014
Reputation.ca provides an in-depth article on College Recruiter why online reputations are more important than ever for students applying to university.
The Complexities That Social Media Brings to Medicine
Jul 20, 2014
There is no way that doctors and the field of medicine in general can turn a blind eye to the changing forms that people can communicate with each other.  But, what are the best ways that the field can embrace new social platforms, like social media?
The Power Behind Online Reviews
Jul 10, 2014

As many of us know, online reviews of businesses or products carry a lot of weight.  Today’s article illustrates that power is not in any way diminishing.

Google Begins Removing Search Results
Jun 26, 2014

Google begins removing search results per the EU's 'right to be forgotten' ruling in May.

Reputation.ca Online Reputation Management IRC Channel
Jun 19, 2014
As announced today, Reputation.ca has established a new IRC channel for online reputation management discussion.
EU Court Ruling Supports "Right to be Forgotten"
May 13, 2014
An EU court ruling has supported people's "right to be forgotten".
Online Reputation Management and Internet Privacy
May 12, 2014
There is no doubt that online privacy and online reputation management go hand-in-hand.  Today’s article discusses one particular piece of proposed Canadian legislation – Bill C-13 – which has the power of drastically changing the online privacy landscape for Canadians.
Caselaw Globe24h.com – REMOVAL by Reputation.ca of Private Court Documents
May 3, 2014
The site Globe24h.com, which posts Canadian court documents online, has become a nuisance to many Canadians.  Reputation.ca, however, can legally remove these documents and protect against threat posed by this site.
Cyber Bullying and Your Online Reputation
Mar 12, 2014
The increasing instances of cyber bullying can not only leave psychological scars, it can also seriously damage the victim’s online reputation.
Refund Given In Exchange for No Negative Online Review?
Feb 15, 2014
A Vancouver business offered to give a client a refund so long as the client promised not to write a bad review of the business online.
What’s In A Name? A Lot
Dec 28, 2013

Earlier this month, Hanesbrand Inc., the famous American underwear company, went on the attack and threatened to sue Hanes Hummus, a small Hummus Maker in Saskatoon, Canada, for trademark violation.  

“It’s Your Brain, a Button, Then Millions of Reactions”
Dec 26, 2013
This week saw two high-prolife Twitter gaffes made – one made by an experienced PR executive, the other by famed comedian and actor, Steve Martin.
How Fast Can a Reputation Go Bad? Very Fast
Dec 17, 2013
When the documentary film, Blackfish, came out exposing the treatment of captive killer whales, SeaWorld immediately had a reputation problem on its hands.
Ready to Write a Bad Review about a Retailer? Read This First
Nov 29, 2013

In an attempt to protect their online reputations, many retailers are beginning to include Non-Disparagement Clauses in their customer contracts, as reported by CNN.  

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