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Cyber Bullying and Your Online Reputation

Mar 12, 2014

If you’ve been a victim of cyber bullying yourself or know of someone who has, then you understand precisely how psychologically damaging and stressful the experience can be.  Today, The Toronto Star published a lengthy article on the subject and pointed out an alarming trend – namely, that cyber bullying and online smear tactics, once restricted to the boundaries of teenage and high school online interactions, has in the past several years spread to the social purview of universities and colleges.  Now, even faculty members are beginning to find themselves victims of online bullying.

A particularly significant line in the article quotes: “… the emergence of cyber bullying in an older population comes with grown-up consequences, such as ruined professional relationships or reputations, anxiety, sleep deprivation and thoughts of suicide.”

Besides the psychological stress that comes from cyber bullying, it’s important to know that cyber bullying can also create, and leave behind, negative digital imprints.  And these negative digital imprints – this bad online content, whether it’s factual or not – is what can lead to damaged online reputations.

If you’ve been a victim of cyber bullying in the past, then it’s particularly important to make sure your online reputation is in the clear.   Be proactive.  If there are still remnants of your bullying experience on the web, then there are definite steps you can take to clear them and improve your reputation.

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Raphael Thurber

Raphael Thurber

Content Production Director

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