As we all know, the internet is an incredibly large and widespread entity.  Indeed, its size and global reach is one of the things that has made it such a sea changing phenomena.  However, as many businesses – especially, small businesses – have discovered over the years, the ever-increasing size of the online world can also be disadvantageous.  As the internet has grown, many small businesses have felt their business name and brand lost within the internet’s sea of names and articles and links.  Unfortunately, this feeling often registers a certain amount of truth, and the reality is that potential customers – particularly local customers – do find it difficult to find the names of these local businesses online.  That’s certainly not what small businesses want.

We’ve mentioned before the value that blogging has in strengthening online brands and reputations.  And blogging is definitely one method that small businesses should use to try to shout above the internet noise and get their name and brand heard by potential customers.  

But, as this article here points out, small businesses should aim to create blogs with content that is tailored for local searches.  This will help attract local customers and help them compete with larger businesses in their industry.  But, how can businesses write blogs that are tailored to a local audience?  Well, this article provides some very helpful tips on the subject.


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