Matt Earle is the founder of Reputation.ca, an online reputation management firm that works with both small and large clients to clean up their web presence.  Matt was kind enough to answer my questions about what reputation management is, and to offer some tips for DIY reputation management.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I have always been interested in computers and networking. In 1999 – when I was 20, I dropped out of engineering at University of Toronto to move to Huntington Beach, California with another engineering student from Pittsburgh with whom I had operated a large IRC Chat network.  We started an internet advertising company (Just4Clicks) focused on online gaming.  We made lots of money quickly and had some amazing experiences but the company eventually went bust when the .com bubble crashed.

I moved back to Canada to finish my degree at U of T and build a career.  After graduating, I worked at Kanetix.ca and got their insurance website to rank #1 in Google for many insurance related keywords such as auto insurance, home insurance and insurance quotes.  I realized the tremendous value this was creating and left to found the Search Marketing program at henderson bas kohn, a respected Toronto interactive agency.

Six months later, I was recruited by LOM, an offshore bank in Bermuda, to build an internet marketing program for them. After two years at LOM, I left to start Bermuda Internet Marketing, which I still own. This was around the time when customers started approaching me to ask if I could do internet marketing not for their companies, but for them personally. I took on a few clients, mostly very wealthy offshore financiers but also people with messy divorces and other reputation issues. I liked the work.

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Content Production Director

Raphael serves as the Content Production Director for Reputation.ca. Raphael oversees the company's writing staff, assuring that content is delivered accurately and with the highest level of quality. A College of William and Mary graduate, he enjoys reading and playing tennis in his free time.