For most parents who have teenagers, keeping track of their online activity and making sure that they are safe when using the internet is something of great importance.  But, in many ways, creating a safer, kinder online world for teenagers – one where the worrying trend of online bullying is lessoned – comes from the parents themselves.

As this Huffington Post article pointedly communicates, it starts with the little things.  Teens learn to be kinder and more caring to others by seeing the same behavior in their parents.  When it comes to online activity, parents can demonstrate the right habits to their teens.  For example, parents can lead by example by limiting the amount of negative posts they add to their Facebook page.   If a teen sees their parent ranting about a bad day on Facebook or commenting on a date gone wrong, their child will certainly pick up on it.   Over-sharing is a trap that many teens fall into these days, and it’s something that parents are oftentimes just as guilty of.

Read more about how parents can set good online examples for their children in this highly informative Huffington Post article.     


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