In early June, Google introduced a video carousel feature. Where previously, Google displayed video thumbnails, the new feature instead has video search results in the carousel and gives the user the ability to scroll through up to nine additional videos.

It’s important to pay attention to large Google changes like these and to see how this new video carousel feature impacts your presence on the first page of Google.

Important to note: the new carousel feature presents an opportunity for content creators to gain more video views.  With that said, it also creates a higher risk of unfavorable video content appearing on the first page of Google.

The number of times a video is viewed is likely important to it ending up on the all-important first page of search results and in the Google video carousel. As always, keywords and tags may factor in as well.

The Google video carousel is a new feature that requires regular monitoring for anyone interested in their online presence (which should be everyone).  It’s important to know that this video carousel feature now exists and watch it for inappropriate or damaging information, at the very least. A better move still would be to try to increase the inclusion of video content in content that you control as a way to increase the likelihood that your carousel features positive videos, not negative.



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