Contributing your efforts to a charitable cause is a good thing, plain and simple.  Regardless if you’re doing it as a business or if you’re volunteering or making a charitable contribution on your own, volunteering and taking part in altruistic efforts helps the greater community, it makes you feel good inside, and it adds a little more positivity and hope in the world.

But, there’s another element to charitable contributions that a lot of individuals and businesses forget, and that’s the naturally positive effect that these contributions can have on your online reputation.

But, here’s the rub – you or your business has to make a point and an effort to share your charity or volunteering work online, with the rest of the world.  And this is what many people and organizations forget to do, much to their reputation’s detriment.  Ideally, for every charitable effort that an individual or business takes part in, there should be some sort of reference to that participation online. 

So, what kind of reference can that be?  Well, in many ways this depends on the type of contribution that’s made, as well as who’s performing the contribution (i.e. whether it’s an individual or an organization).

For example, if you’re a business and have made a monetary contribution to a charitable organization, then consider sharing this contribution and why you made the contribution through a press release.  Or, alternatively, consider asking the charitable organization to make a note of your help on their website.  Either way, the point is to make an effort to let the public know the altruistic efforts your organization has made and why your business chose a particular charity(ies).

If you’re an individual and have volunteered time or money to an organization, then the effect of sharing this contribution online is no less important.  A recommended element to improving your own reputation is to create a website under your name, one that hosts your resume and perhaps a profile of who you are as a person.  If you have done this, then make sure to note somewhere on the site what and how you contributed to charitable organizations in your area. 

Again, the aim here is to share your contributions in a way that is natural, that is not overly self-promotional and that hits on why the contribution was made.


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