Caselaw.Globe24h.com Removal

The Problem

When someone Googles you they find a legal document with embarrassing and personal information about you in it. This is embarrassing, damaging to your career and creating conflict and headaches in your life.

How did my information get online?

The Canadian legal authorities have allowed people's real names and personal information to be recorded in court documents. A well intentioned organization called CANLii has taken these court documents and made them available in an online database. This is so lawyers and people can look up the case law and use it to research their defenses and better understand the law. They published the content in such a way that Google would not show it in their index. However, a Romainian website called Globe24H.com then went to CANLii and scraped all of the information from their database and put it online. They did this under the same premise as CANLii but they took it a step further and have made all of the content available on Google.

How do I get my personal information off this website and Google?

Many people who are affected by the same problem have tried various things such as contacting the Canadian privacy commissioner, calling the police, calling CANLii and legal measures against Globe24h.com. Globe24h.com also provides a way you can send a letter with your ID and other personal information to them and then they will anonymize your name from the document. In our experience, none of these have worked to get the content fully off Google.

We have developed another solution which involves working with a Romainian legal clerk to follow the appropriate legal route in their country. We are pleased to report, our method has worked every time we have tried it.

Because of our team’s high success rate in helping clients get posts removed from Globe24h.com, we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee that we can get the content about you deleted and it will not return to Caselaw.Globe24h.com. Clients can expect the post on Globe24h.com to be removed within a one week time frame. If our team fails to remove the post from Globe24h.com, you will get ALL of your money back, no questions asked. In addition, we guarantee the lowest pricing in the industry for this service. If you can find a competitor that offers the same removal for less money, we will beat their price.

I am convinced, what do I do next?

If you are ready to have your post removed on a guaranteed basis, please complete the form below. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly Toronto-based representatives, please call (416) 934-5023.

Cost: $1499 + HST

Service is GUARANTEED. We will refund 100% of your money if we fail to have the document removed.