Everyone does it. Whether you order food, go to the doctor’s office, or buy something on eBay or Amazon, the next step for a lot of people after receiving a good or service these days is to leave a review of that good or service. It’s become second nature.

In fact, it’s practically a verb to “yelp” something now, because it’s become so common for people to look up Yelp reviews when they’re looking to go somewhere or do something, and for people to leave their own reviews when they visit a location listed on Yelp or order food from a restaurant that’s rated there.

Some people even look up reviews for a new physician before they book an appointment. A person might do this because they’re looking for a specialist, or they don’t like their current doctors, or because they’ve moved somewhere new and have no idea where to start when looking for a new medical professional to go see for regular visits and chronic conditions.

Interesting to note, according to a recent survey of 200 healthcare professionals, 80 percent of respondents rated their online reputation as “very” or “extremely important,” according to MobiHealthNews. And an astounding 90 percent were concerned about the risks of negative feedback.

However, less than half of respondents (46 percent) were making plans to improve their online reputations in the next year. So even though having a negative online reputation was worrisome, a lot of medical professionals aren’t working to combat the issue.

With that said, what are some easy ways that medical professionals can improve their online presence?

One way is for doctors and other medical staff to encourage their patients to review their clinic or practice in order to gather more consistent, current, and accurate reviews. This can both help doctors and clinics stay up-to-date when it comes to their search engine results, and can help doctors better understand their problem areas if those reviews aren’t always positive.

Many medical professionals are concerned with getting online negative reviews. But there are ways to combat the issue, and to make sure your practice is “yelped” well when potential patients go looking.


Matt Earle

Founder & President

Matt Earle, Founder of Reputation.ca, is a leading Canadian expert on online reputation management with over 15 years of hands on experience working in the space. Mr. Earle’s educational background includes an H.BSc from the University of Toronto and certification as a Google Professional. His expertise has been acknowledged through national television appearances on CBC, PBS and CTV, being a guest host on CBC radio, and numerous quotes in print and online media.