CheaterPlanet.com Post Removal

How CheaterPlanet.comPuts Your Reputation at Risk

CheaterPlanet.com is another of those websites that, under the guise of “doing good,” puts people straight in the crosshairs as cheaters, liars, scammers and otherwise despicable actors.

While the website claims to be a way for the public to “police” bad behaviors, it takes no responsibility for invalid or even libelous information. By encouraging public posts “outing” cheaters, usually with photos and often with addresses, it actually enables cyberbullying and character assassination.

There’s No Easy Legal Recourse

Once your identity and a damaging description have been posted to this site, your privacy and your reputation are at risk. Because it’s not just on CheaterPlanet.com where you’re portrayed in such a negative manner, posts on CheaterPlanet.com will also be indexed by Google and very well may rank high in Google when friends, family and coworkers search you.

Such malicious posts are typically done anonymously. And sites like CheaterPlanet.com remind you that you’ll get nowhere with legal threats to get them to remove harmful content. That’s because under the U.S. Communications Decency Act, the site operator is held immune for all claims for third party content posted to its site.

Reputation.ca Completely Removes CheaterPlanet.com Posts.Guaranteed.

So what’s your recourse?

Reputation.ca removes posts from CheaterPlanet.com– and from the search engines. We guarantee it.

Our approach to removing damaging CheaterPlanet.com content from both the website and Google is backed by our years of reputation management experience. If our post removal service fails, we will fully refund your fee.


We are now able to guarantee our removal services. If the post about you on CheaterPlanet.com is not completely gone from Google and Bing within two weeks, we will refund 100% of your money.

If you’ve found yourself victimized by embarrassing content on CheaterPlanet.com, please complete the form below and our friendly representatives will start on your removal project immediately.

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