The issue is very real – the publishing of private Canadian court documents on a public site that’s indexed and ranks high on Google.  To the surprise and concern of hundreds of Canadians, this is what the site Globe24h.com does.

The Canadian legal authorities allow people’s real names and personal information to be recorded in court documents. The organization, CANLii, which has good intentions, took these court documents and made them available in an online database.

Unfortunately, a website based in Romania – Globe24h.com – has republished this information in a way that’s indexed and ranks high on Google.

As hundreds of Canadians have discovered, their legal cases, some dating back years and many containing very personal and sometimes embarrassing information, are now showing up on Google’s search results.

Yes, Globe24h.com can remove this privation information hosted on their site.  However, in the past, the site has requested a fee.

Canadian’s have another solution.

As Reputation.ca’s President Matt Earle explains, Reputation.ca has the unique ability to remove information found on Globe24h.com.  In this recent Globe and Mail article, Matt Earle describes the issues surrounding Globe24h.com and how Reputation.ca was able to create a way to remove information from this troubling site.

To read the full article, go here.


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