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According to BrightLocal, "84% of people have Googled someone before having a business relationship with them". According to BusinessInsider, the "ordering of search results influences people".

These two facts should tell you it's worth making sure your Google results are positive.

Our software helps you to track and improve your Google results.

Our Reputationify™ software gives you an unbiased archive of what your search results look like to everyone else. When you Google/Bing yourself the search engines use a variety of factors such as websites you have clicked on before, your exact location, your usage history and other factors to personalize the results to you.

Our software also shows you a table of the ranks of all of your Google results and how they change over time. This allows you to track the impact of publicity and other public relations work.

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  • Track search results
  • Monitor rank changes
  • See results from other cities
  • View depersonalized search results


Why use our software?

  • Easy to use web based tool.
  • No cost to setup fully functional campaign.
  • Track search results over time.
  • Measure results from blogging, public relations and social media work.
  • See depersonalized results like everyone else.
  • Weekly Snapshots automatically sent to your inbox.