In the world of commerce, every business and every professional should be concerned with how their image appears online, particularly those businesses and professionals who interface with clients.  As has been repeatedly mentioned in this blog, having a poor or damaging online reputation can mean a loss of business and a serious cut in revenue.

Attorneys, especially those who own and run their own firm, make up another group of professionals that should be especially and continually aware of what kind of information exists about them online.  The reality is that clients looking for representation will most likely search online to find an attorney.  What happens then if they find poor or damaging information in their online search about a particular attorney?  Well, simply put, it means that the prospective client will move on to another attorney who has a better online image, and, chances are, it will be that attorney who receives the business.   

So, it’s clear that online reputation management is critical for the success of a legal career and, as this article describes, there are certainly things that lawyers can do to both monitor and, if needed, improve their online image.

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